Saturday, January 9, 2010

- mY DIaRy -

monday (4.1.2010) :
1st day go back to skul in year 2010
so sooo boring..
ntg else to do..
teacher didnt teach at all..
bt it was good..
cuz sm of them
teach = dint teach
wasting students' time
tuesday (5.1.2010) :
same like last year..
skul ends at 1.40
after skul..
went back home rest for a while.
go tuition..
n then
wednesday (6.1.2010) :
after skul..
tuition again..
after finished bio class at cekap..
then kane n i walked to kasturi for eng class..
let's c wat v did at the roadside =)
chong ker xin
umbrella blue..
bag blue..
uniform blue..

me xD

on the way goin to kasturi..
v passed by many shops..
n 1 of the shops..
inside is vry dark..
nothing else inside there..
oni some broken wood..
a 神座..
no one inside..
as v passd by the shop..
both of us felt soooo cold..
then after the shop..
hot again..
means.... .. ..??
hmm v went to jusco b4 going kasturi..

thursday (7.1.2010) :
after skul..
reached home..
juz waiting for the nite..
went segi college for charm prac..
tonite is the evaluation..
hope everything goes well..

going to watch AVATAR now..




juz came back from metro prima..

if not becuz of all my frens say damn nice..
i wont even watch dis show..
saw the poster n tot dis type show is about alien or anything else..
bt it was meaningful~
watched it for 2 hours n 45min..
sit until my whole body numd d..
almost paralyse..

oh yea~
look at dat...

wat's dat?

mouse in my bag????!!!

no la~
my bag nt dat dirty n smelly until got mouse..

cute huh???
is a souveneir frm luna..
he bought it frm australia..
he bought many many souvenirs back for us..
thx yea~~~

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