Sunday, January 31, 2010

dead beat =S

long time didnt update my blog ady..

was a extremely lethargic day~~

i woke up at bout 7smtg in the morning..
n then went to cheer prac at skul bout 9 smtg..
prac goes vry well..
zodiac gals have 4set of stunt group consistently every week now..
if all the gals cm..
v'll hv 5 or 6 set of stunt groups..
yest our prac was awesome..
the juniors were so stable in stunt lea..
sm of the juniors improve a lot..
even better than sm seniors..
the seniors har..
shud work harder ady..
yest amy n jia wen came to our prac..
miss both of u so mucccchh!
amy recorded a video..
5 stunt groups stunting together..
3sets of stable liberty..(all junior flyers)
2sets of stable lib ext
(dat is me n kin aik's set xD)

to someone :
i'll oways oways oways support you
no wonder wat had happened ok~ =)
dun be too sad n dun think too muc ady..
the problems juz making u headache..
nt worth it..
juz do wat u shud do..
n dun care wat others say..
they r so immature!
chill yea~
dun too stress about it..
juz tell me anything if u want to..
i'll try my best to help u

after finished prac n take lunch..
i rushed back hm to take bath..
n then gathered wit jean they all at metro prima jusco..
v took lunch at secret recipe..
n took sm photos~
yoke ah yoke~~~
take care in 4 MURNI
without u i hv no more fun in class..
cant laugh at u anymore..
i miss yr expression when u doing hmwork lea..
wahahahaha~!! xD



me . qiao ying . rui ying

bt nvm..
without ah yoke..
i still have GOH RUI YING
be careful on dis cming monday..
i will act the "mummy" in "toothfairy"
her over expression xD

when i talk about u..
i reli cant 4gt ur husband n child..
i've been laughing dis since last year until now..
still got hor...
everytime when i get mad again..
did smtg crazy beside u n laugh crazily until cant even stop..
u'll say :
"慧晶~~~~他又来了~~~ T.T"
bt it doesn't help
it juz making me laugh even more crazy bcuz of ur innocent face..
wahahahaha!!! xDDD
bt at last u still laugh..
n say i make u feel so tired..
i asked u dun laugh bt u said :
"hw cn i stop laughing??
although ur jokes n wat u did smtimes r nt funny,
bt u cn laugh it for so crazy n so long..
n ur laughing style was so DAMN FUNNY weih~!!
evertime i laugh is juz bcuz ur laughing style
so 经典~"

yest at secret recipe u told duno who(i 4gt d..haha) bout me..
"everytime hor...
when i praise her..
then she will say
hahaha xD
its true...
i did say dat everytime..
actually i'm juz tryin' to tease her..
when i say dat again
she was like...
again~~~ T.T
i dun wn say anything d..

cm back to the pictures...
so ugly weih xP

wat a 'good expression'
jean curi tangkap me when i'm eating..

it was so delicious until i hv to 翻白眼..
i'm eating my favourite cake..
chocolate indulgence =D

there's a story in dis picha..xD
i said i took picture for them..
then they posed..
bt im recording a video..
nt taking a picha..
they posed it for a long time..
thne rui ying asked
"woi! hao liao mei you o~~"
then i said 
"wait wait..
hai mei hao..
deng yi xia.."

n they posed again..
they posed vry long d..
rui ying beh tahan d n said
"y so long one???
kuai dian la~"

i said

rui ying:
"u recording ar??????

*laugh!!! xD*

group picha =)

after lunch..
went to cinema..
watched toothfairy..
before watching..
went to toilet..

look at the siao po

haha xD

after the movie finish..
i go n meet mummy..
n had dinner wit family..
n then..
went back to the cinema again..
watched 大日子
i was FREAKING TIRED weih!!!!!
i fell asleep few times n awake again..
watched until 1 smtg..

2nd day (today) morning still have to wake up early to attend tuition..
today i heard the tutor talked bout few guys..
they were my primary skul frens..
jun seong,yap kelly,yi loong n etc.
miss them soooo sooooo much!!
all were my best frens last time..
still got hee kern,yew jia,juk hong n others..
last year u guys asked me go out gathering few times d bt i reject..
cuz i'm reli nt free..
hope dis year v'll hv gathering again..
5years no c lea~~

ltr hv to go out again..
awfully tired~

after charm prac..
reaced home late n slp late at nite..
woke up early 2nd day morning n went to skul..

after skul then went out n bought smtg..
atfer dat attend tuition class..
finish tution..
mummy brought me to brem mall..
n then fetched bro back hm frm tuition..
slp late n woke up early again on sat morning to zdc prac..

slp so sooo late at night n woke up early again to tuition class..
n ltr hv to go out agian..
then tomorrow hv to wake up early AGAIN to skul..

falshback to wednesday..
after tution..
kane n i went to jusco..
38/sakai again..
dat CHONG KER XIN hor..
has few characteristic when eating..
1 of them is
she will eat until the mouth vry dirty..
another 1 is..
the person sitting her will bcm dirty..
i'm 1 of the victim =O
 left side of my uniform kena the soup..

right side kena draw accidentally by her ballpen

n her own uniform also kena the soup..

wai loke..
i have a advice to you..
nxt time when u eating wit her rite..
dun wear light colour shirt..
especially white!
n the most important one is..
sit as far as you can..

n dis..

kane's hand xD
juz like wat she wrote at her blog..
i draw her hand until so ugly..
look like 花痴 like dat..
bt draw so nice on my own hand xP






got to go now~

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