Thursday, November 19, 2009

OMG @.@

went charm practice yest..
so so soo OMG~ O.o
my stunt group :
kane - sprained her knee (old injury)
wen - sprained her hip
voon - sprained her shoulder
at 1st ok ok~
bt i'm no longer get injured too @.@
the bones of my leg suddenly felt so pain..
old injury too..
aiks >.<
cacat group..
haha xD

and and the CHONG KER XIN!
looked lyk sopo..
ppl laugh bt she 'respondless'
maybe she was too tired??
bcuz she juz came back from camp yest afternoon..
ok fine~
wen n her sprained right??
she said smtg so geli~
wen said her leg pain..
then kane ask :
izit a feelin' lyk there's friction btw 2bones..
then bla bla bla~
i duno hw 2 say..

her words made me nightmare yesterday 0.0
u know??
thanks chong ker xin so muc!
for giving me a nightmare..
i dreamed v were participating cheer competiton..
n then kane was standing beside me..
while v were dancing..
the sound of her knee sprained..
i heard it so clear!!
n then she cant continue..
bt v nid to continue..
the judges n spectators were watching at us..
n then v all kelam kabut there..
oh gosh~~~
it wont happen right???
well it's juz a dream >.<
stupid dream..
after i woke up from the dream..
i cant sleep..
is midnite..
rollin' here n there for few hours..

after finished charm prac..
wei lun fetched us home..
voon's daddy suddenly gave her a call
n told her dat he cant fetch her n wen home..
they followed lun's car too..
dis time..
8 PPL in a small small car..
break record..
last time 7 PPL in a kancil..
when v came out from segi college..
the security guard saw us
he giggled xD
so sempit lor~~
n so so smelly..
everyone was sweating..
pity lun's car..
Ahaha xD

on the way back home..
EVERY CAR passby us was lyk..
turning their head n looked at us curiously..
their expression damn funny..
then i said
when car passby
v all wave hand n halo 2 them..
scare them xD
then lun said
dun so big action lea..
ltr gt road block then cham lor..
he said road block bt i heard PA-LA-BO
i asked :
"huh?? wat PA-LA-BO??"
fen :
" road block lar!
wat PA-LA-BO..
u tot dragon ball meh"

then kane said
she felt dat her legs gonna patah..
cuz i'm sitting on her legs
n her legs nvr move for so long..
kk i know i'm heavy xP
fen said
she felt dat kane's leg keep moving..
she asked :
" u tired ar?? "
i asked :
" huh??
leg tired shud move one ar??
so tired d still move for wat..
shud nt move mar..
so funny ur ques~ "
kane :
" u only funny ar!!
tired dat time then legs shud 移位 mar.. "
kk fine =P

reached kane's hse
kane came down lor..
she almost fell down xD
her legs numb..
walking lyk oku..

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