Friday, November 6, 2009

silly me & kane

2day hv cheer prac..
so happy..
al our skills n strength drop ady!! T.T
when im on the stunt..
hv sm kind of kinda weird feeling..
nt use 2 the feeling..
y? T.T
juz stop prac 4 1month only lea... T.T
then bcm lyk dat... T.T
when cradle..
oh gosh~!
lagi teruk..
kinda ugly!
maybe i nid sm time 2 find back the feeling..
hope i could get back the feeling faster..

*some small announcement here
*kane will b the character again
*n some surprise 4 her..haha XD

something's wrong..
duno whether im thinking too muc..
it is true??
after the "video happenings"
no matter where m i walking in the skul nw..
i felt dat every1 is looking at me..
after cheer prac..
me n kane walked 2 the canteen..
i have the same feeling too...
then i asked kane:
"do u feel dat every1 is lookng at us at everywhere
n everytime??"
kane : "yaya! u hv the same feeling too??
          especially when BOTH OF US walking 2gether"
me    : ya..after the video..v reli famous than last time a lot =.=
kane : ya lor..wah...v 什么都强..hahaha
me    : yea study,cn cheer,sambat champion,
          singing competiton champion,
          holding the highest position in cheer >>
          president & captain
          hmmm...wat else cn v do??
          *in the car,goin bck hm wit her*
kane : nonono,should b, wat else v cant do???
me    : hahahaha!!!
kane : hahahahahahah XD erm....斯文?? XD
me    : *laugh*
kane : no la,v cn oso wat..
          bt due 2 the situation,when attending wedding dinner,
          then 斯文一两下 lor *laugh*
me    : hahaha yaya *reached her hse*
kane : eh my room super messy lea...

# WATCH OUT KANE,surprise coming...get ready..n dun shock XD


her room..
i curi tangkap de..haha

then i show her the pic of my study table...

messy huh??
u knw wat's dat green colour thing??
show u the following pic then u'll knw

headless chair..hahaha

" WALIAO~! hw u study de? "
" i study on the bed..
after finished study i juz left the books on my table..haha"

then i go 2 bath..

*in the bathroom*
" AHHHHH!!!!! *sream* HAHAHAHA! *laugh*
kane : wat happen???!
me   : there is an insect flying when i took smtg frm the top
kane : y everytime u bath at my hse oso gt insect 1? =.=
           bt everytime i bath oso dun hv 
           =.= <<< showing me dis expression

saw a long long pale yellow colour worm...ewww~~geli~~

saw a spider n an abnormal lizard..yucks~!

duno wat kind of worm is dat..i flush it into longkng..haha


the dumb dumb flying insect

planning our holiday
v checking the price for genting apartment..
then saw sm pic there..
showing the apartment's kitchen..
i start 2 imagine smtg silly..haha

i said :
"eh kane,when v at apartment hor,both of us sitting on the sofa..
putting right leg on top of left leg (boy's sitting style)
shaking the leg n watch tv
*showing her the action*
n then i act her n say :
oi wl,i hungry lea~go 2 cook 4 me~!"
me as well..haha XD
*laugh!!* hahaha!!
*start acting* 
feeding me tibits n said 
wei wl! done cooking ady anot o??
everything terbalik d..
i think should b gal cooks for boy??
nonono...男女平等 wat..aiyo~
wah our imagination reli geng hor?
imagination oso champion..haha
*continue imagine* wei..
both of us cnt go in the kitchen 2gether lea..
ltr ktichen caught fire n big explosion!!
ltr our face black black d..
yaya..spiky hair as well..hahaha..
then u find wl n cry..
wuwuwu~~ T.T my face black black d..
wl said ahhh!!! orang asli!!!
hahaha! u gt 幻想症 la u!! 
oways say i find my wl..
u go find ur xxx la! haha
bt u cnt cook with ur xxx 2geher in the kitchen lea..
his face will kena bakar..
cuz when u wanna fry fishball..
then u'll stand far far away n 
throw the fishball lyk aiming to throw basketball..
then all the oil spit on his face..hahaha
ltr he say errr...
okok,u go 2 rest lar..
no nid cook la,wo zi ji lai...
*showing worry expression*
p/s worry bout the kitchen gonna explode XD
i keep laugh n laugh n laugh n think bout the KEBAKARAN DALAM DAPUR..
cant stop laughing..
ur 幻想症 seems to be much more serious than me...
when u wanna stop laughing o???
神经病de u...!
*continue laughing*
vry funny meh??? 
u think urself aiming 2 throw fishball better lar...XD

i reli hv 幻想症 ar??
no lar..i dun think so..
bt maybe..too muc stress i think..
who else be tortured for 3weeks wont crazy??
wont mad??
wont gila??
i'm goin 2 bcm oku >>>



by the way...
saw sm pic in kane's computer..


boys saw it will run few meters away frm dis gal..
haha XD

well..hv a nice day..
bb =)

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