Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one utama trip

kane & i went to 1u today..
cuz i wanna use the neway voucher..
i've got rm50 neway voucher..
cuz of last time i called to MY FM n participate smtg..
embarrass + funny experience..
dare nt recall the memory =.=

i went 2 kane hse 2day early early early in the morning..
then went 2 1u 2gether..
the 1st thing v do when v reached there is..
went 2 the toilet..
bt nt to excrete smtg..
is to..

here r sm photos..



MUACKS~! hubby~ ^^

v wanna check whether the voucher cn use..
bt i duno hw 2 go frm where i m dat time..
so i juz simply walk..
kane said :
" where u wn 2 go?? "
" neway la.."
" i bring u go,i dun wn u bring me go,
pasti sest jalan!
eh, do u knw hw 2 go actually? "
" i duno..
乱乱走 la..
sure reach one.."
" 乱乱走???!!?!?!
u try n c lar..
c whether will reach anot.."
" dun wn..haha "
* following her 2 neway *
i cant understand lor..
y dat place i already went for so many times
bt i stil duno hw 2 go 1??
even my mum keep saying me

the voucher cn only use after 1pm..
then v shop 1st..
kane said dat she wanna go etude hse..
she test me again
" u knw hw 2 go anot? "
" I KNOW~! "
* bt actually im nt dat sure..haha *
i reached there..
she cant laugh at me ady..
nani nani pu pu =P

on the way..
v saw BIG APPLE shop..
went in n bought sm doughnuts..

both r my favourite ^^


look at dis

wat's dat??
the cornflakes frm the doughnut dropped onto the floor..
sry kakak..
u hv 2 clean it..
i'm nt did it on purpose XD

after dat..
v went to take photo at photobooth..
quite satisfied wit the pictures..

my favourite

kane's favourite

finally 1 o'clock
go back to neway

v sang for 4 HOURS!!!!
bt juz only RM 2 per person..
cuz i hv dat voucher..
juz try 2 imagine wat's going on later..
only me n kane in the k room..
wat v did sure crazy enuff..

i accidentally broke the cup..
haha XD
then kane called the worker cm in n cleaned it..
the floor was so sticky..
bcuz of the sweet drinks pour all ove r the floor..

lets look at the table arrangement at 1st..

n then after dat..
left one table there..
where r the other three tables???

there u r..

hahahaha xD
vry sempit lar..
so v decided to move it away..
so v cn do anythings v lyk xD
damn crazy huh??

when the worker came in to serve food..
she shocked!
2gals in the room bt it seems lyk many ppl in the room..
n then..
there are 4mic in the room..
bt 3mic let us used until no battery..
kane called the worker again..
when he came in..
he said :
" wah~! geng lor u all.. "
both of us so shy n keep laughing there..haha
after he changed the battery then he said :
" nah~ 慢慢唱啦"
* laughing *
even the worker oso laughing at us =.=

damn 'dai' lor~
sing 4 hours bt juz RM2 weih~
smore broke their cup..
n moved their tables here n there..
50 cent per hour..

i fell down in the room..
bcuz of the slippery floor =.=
i ask kane :
y my life full of dis kind of 趣事??
" cuz u knw hw 2 自找乐趣.."

actually i hv the video which i broke their cup
bt i lazy 2 upload the video..
upload nxt time when i'm free..
quite funny..
the fell down video damn funny..
watch a lot of times bt i'm still laughing by myself..

pity the workers~
if nxt time v go again..
i think they dare nt do our 生意 ady..
only 2gals..
bt cn make their room bcm so messy..
shud nt b 2gals..
i think 2sakai is better 2 describe both of us..

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