Monday, November 16, 2009

♥ 16.11.09 ♥

went sunway ice-skating with zodiac again..
juz uploaded sm photo here to share wit u guys..
bt nt much..
no mood to take photo yest..
duno why~
n i'm nt reli satisfy with the pictures..
maybe bcuz of my high expectation??
i don't know..

hou gor & han xian
han xian looks lyk 保镖..

* kane

 *lee feng



 *chie cheng

 *kai yi
look at my eye rings & eye pack!!
gotta sleep early nw onwards..

 * dear~


 *hou gor
keep bullying me only


look at the guy behind us..
right side right side
sudah mabuk


went back home after watched 2012..
it's so tiring yesterday..
i look so terrible on the way back hm in ktm..
everyone was saying me lyk kena 老人痴呆症..
ngong ngong + no respond + mabuk
then they *laugh laugh laugh*
n imitated my pattern..
bt i stil dun hv any respond..
is bcuz i'm reli dun have any energy to laugh d..
laugh nid energy..u know?
lee feng said me *low battery*
gonna go back hm recharge

ntg muc to blog right now..
woke up at 11am smtg bt i'm still feeling sleepy now..
ltr still gonna attend tuition class..

bye guys T.T

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