Saturday, October 24, 2009


juz came back from organ class..
juz nw my teacher said my exam result oredi came out..
my heart was pumping so hard..
i tot it was going to explode (hiperbola..haha)
i got my result..
my passing mark is at bother line..
if minus one more mark..
then i'll fail..
n hv to exam again..
luckily luckily..
i've got my GRADE 6 certificate..

after dis..
i'm in GRADE 5
hmm the syllabus is lik dat:

                   LEVEL 12
                   LEVEL 11
                   GRADE 10 (INTERMEDIATE)
                   GRADE 9
                   GRADE 8
                   GRADE 7
                   GRADE 6  (ADVANCE)
                   GRADE 4
                   GRADE 3
AWARD:       GRADE 2
                   GRADE 1

GRADE 1 is the highest n hardest grade..
if wanna take exam for the AWARD level..
should go 2 AUSTRALIA n exam there..
i've complete the advance GRADE..
bt i think i wont continue to learn..
got to stop here..
heard my teacher described bout the GRADE 5 level..
my jaw dropped!!
eyes widened!!
if i'd got any wider..
i thought..
i'd have popped outn dropped onto the floor (hiperbola again)
high passing mark in the exam!!
n it is vry hard to score..
i have no time for it..
next year having spm..
i think it's difficult to cope with the stress if i continue..
n the fees is so expensive!!
i seems to be more interested in cheerleading..

my cousin sister bought a cello back hm 2day..
didnt knw how to describe my hse nw..
gt organ,piano,guitar,n nw a cello...

by the way..

LIM CHIN HAU called me juz nw..
he said he wanna comes my hse ltr..
i said :
'r u serious?????'

he replied :
'ya lar..'

me:  cm my hse 4 wat? n..u reli serious???
hau: ya lar...wei lun driving nw..kin aik at the car oso
me:  my hse so far wor??
hau: cuz far v wanna cm
me:  i'm going tuition nw wor,until 3.45
hau: then 4pm 1st lar

n then later..

he mesg me n said :
dun wn cm ady..too late..

me:  cm lar...i wn play stunt..i wan 2 fly!!!
hau: cheh..u wn stunt only..dun wn la..
me:  no lar..i miss u guys also lar..
hau: bt v didnt miss u! oh ya,i dun wn base u anymore! blek!
me:  =.= fine! lar..i oso nt miss u,i miss cheer xP
hau: u think i miss ur ass ar?! v decide liao..
     dun wn bird u! stunt with urself ba..
     actually v wn 2 fetch kit mum oso..
     bt the driver (lun) said dun wn go d..
     cuz they hv 2 go bck hm by 6pm..
me:  heng! make me happy 4 ntg! bad guys!
     nxt time muz cm ar! no excuse!
hau: go ur hse slp oso cn..haha
     next time la..
     sorry sorry sorry sorry..
     neka neka neka neka neka baja (singing sorry sorry)
me:  shawti shawti shawti shawti..
     bla bla bla la la la la...

the conclusion is..
i'm juz happy for ntg~

空欢喜一场!!  =.=!

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