Friday, October 2, 2009

my school life

qiao ying gave me a gift 2day..
as my birthday gift..

is a little hat to clip on hair..
it's so nice~~
pink colour with ribbons~~
my favourite =D
i like it so much ^^
thx a lot qiao ying..
oredi october nw..
my birthday is at september..
i still receive present nw..
haha xD

then jia zheng came in to my clss today..
he wanted to act like someone else n ask me for a hair clip..
cuz he wanted to clip his fringe..
then i lend him the little hat..
asked whether he brave to clip..
then he clip a while n take it off..
hahaha!! xD
look lyk "dai B zai" !!!!
bt it was too bad~~
cant bring hp to skul..
otherwise im sure dat i'll take ur "leng lui" picture lol.. xD
& today..
2guys in my class used malaysia flag to wrap themselves =.=
1 of them wrapped his body as a sarong..
another one put it around his shoulder and act lyk superman..
how can i describe them??
too patriotic to malaysia??

& today..
oways kena beat by LIM CHIN HAU!!!
keep beating my face!!
i used my hands to cover my face,then he pulled my ears..
bully me T.T
and he said : 原来打慧盈是将好玩的~~哈哈!

& today..
when my chinese teacher teaching in the class...
i talking to my friends who sitting behind me..
then when i turn back and facing front..
i saw wei lun suddenly standing in front of me..
get shocked! O.O
dun even know when he came in to my class n standing there..
and then..
chin hau came in too..
he came in from the back door..
teacher teaching there n he juz came in lyk dat..
both of them bully my teacher..
pity her..haha
even my history teacher bully her too.. xD
still remember there is one time when she teaching..
another period is history..
then the history teacher came early..
she str8 go in the class n sit there wait for the bell ring..
my chinese teacher paiseh n say nvm..
let her teach..
n she went back to bilik guru..
so cham T.T

ltr going to my grandma's house..
my uncle gonna marry tomorrow..
'uncle' sounds like vry old..
bt he still vry young..
haha xD

wish u guys earlier..
have a wonderful mookcake festival yea~! ^^

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